Generational Webtoon Changes in Korea


In the 2010s, Korean webtoons steadily entered the stage of being difficult to be used at the level of'If you can't draw, you only have to enjoy the content'. The works that threw social messages during this period secured popularity, and the readership expanded significantly in terms of job and age, but the readers also grew older with webtoons. In the late 2010s, webtoon needed to be achieved as an entertainment that could satisfy them evenly. The work that fulfilled this condition is the master of Ryu Ki-woon/Moon Jeong-hu's writer Combi, who created Yongbye. This is because it is the first color work of the two artists, and it is a work that proclaims the perfect adaptation to the webtoon's breath and style.


If the artist Kang Poole constantly shows how to make a play in the webtoon as the starting point of the webtoon genre, the artist Combi Ryu

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has been complacent after saying, "We are not a cartoon, but something new." As a'cartoon' in front of many webtoons, it contains the fun and pleasure that webtoons can show. Kosu made the story on the extension line of the undisputed famous martial arts manga called Yongbye undisputed, so that even new readers could accept the story without difficulty. It shows a terrible destructive power while fully equipped with the characteristics of. If you think that the genre is martial arts and is a work focused on male readers, it is a mistake. The women in the work are subjective and even stronger than anyone.


Kosu does not compromise at all in terms of the basics of manga, the chemical combination of story and picture. The characters are very three-dimensional, and the drawing is repeated, but there is no intention to lower the density. Needless to say, those who have seen comics in books have the power to immediately realize that even those who have come across web comics for the first time are “this is a manga”. If Yoon Tae-ho's younger brother expanded the age of readers and got a comment saying, “Today, I'm learning a number of days,” Gosu's testimony that she paid for the preview overflows in the comment column. It's not that you can't be wrong with instant webtoons and light fun, and you're sure that the presence of coriander will be a great stimulus to webtoons. Readers, why don't you check it out?